Park & Operate all kinds of Aircrafts in India

Aircraft parking and operation from the home base is arranged by our experts by negotiating with the Local Airport Authorities where you intend to park your Aircraft.
We also have a private Airport near mumbai where Aircraft owners can park their aircrafts and operate at a very nominal cost. Security and access control is available at the Airport.
A Maintenance and Repair organisation is due to be established there, so that even Scheduled maintenance and repairs can be executed.
Aircraft pooling concept is also available where 2 to 5 individuals can join hands and buy the Aircraft so that the parking, operational and maintenance costs can be shared between the owners. We also provide Commercial Pilots to ferry you around  in your Airplane where you need to go.
We also arrange the Airport Entry permit issued by the BCAS to all Aircraft owners so as to ease their entry and access to their Aircrafts in all commercial and private airports in India.

Jai Aviation also guides you in making your own private Airfield where you can operate your aircrafts from. The liasioning for the setting up of private airfield with the respective authorities like Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Airport Authority of India for getting Airspace and Coordinates approval is also provided by us.

Hobby Flying is arranged in India as well as abroad with attractive Tourism and Aero Sport Package.
Hobby Flying is available on Zenith 701, Quicksilver MXL 2 & Zenith 601 UL.
Flight Instructors are Ex Airforce Pilots who have been the instructors at The Airforce Academy both in India and Abroad

Go Solo in 10 Days – if you are a good learner.

A Free demonstration flight is offered at our private airstrip for aspiring individuals intending to become sport pilots.