These all three words have almost the same inference and are used to define the almost similar types of aircrafts in different countries which does not comply with the international airworthiness standards and can be used only for sport or hobby flying or air racing.

Ultralight in the USA means a single seat aircraft which can carry only the pilot and is used by him only for sport flying. No licence is needed in the USA to fly an Ultralight. Flying for an American citizen is their birth right, as aviation was born in the United States, this has been added in their constitution.

If one more seat it added to the Aircraft, the category changes to Light Sport Aircraft / Amateur Built Aircraft, hence medical and Pilots licence becomes mandatory. In Thailand Ultralight is an aircraft one or two seat, with all up weight of 500 Kgs, used for hobby or sport flying and Ultralight or Sporting Pilots License is mandatory.

In Canada, a Microlight is called an Advanced Ultralight and has the same meaning as that of a Microlight in Indian regulations, Microlight Pilots Licence is needed to Fly. In India, Microlight has the same meaning as in Britain, as we were British Colony for ages, the aviation regulations and standards are still being procured from them.

In India a Microlight aircraft means an aircraft, whose all up weight is not more than 450 Kgs for 2 seat and 330 Kgs for single seat with wing surface area not less then 10 Sq Meters, manufactured by an approved Organization. For further details refer to the link.

In India, a Microlight Pilots Licence issued by the DGCA & Class II Medical is Mandatory to fly the Microlight Aircraft.

The Microlight can be bought in India or Imported into India from any where in the world, provided that imported Airplane meets the requirements of the DGCA and is type accepted by them. A form S is to be submitted if that kind of Microlight Aircraft is being imported to India for the first time, This form defines the specific characteristics of the aircraft and after scrutiny a type acceptance certificate is provided for that machine by the R&D Division of the DGCA. Among the most popular Microlight Aircrafts flying in India are Zenair CH 701, Zenair CH 601, Flightstar 2, X-air, Quicksilver MXL 2, Quicksilver Sport 2.

The DGCA have specified Microlight Flying Areas in the CAR where Indians, those who have been security cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs, can fly their Aircrafts for hobby or leisure. Microlight Pilot Licence. The complete details for the Microlight Pilot licence is available on DGCA website.

An individual requires security wetting by the security agencies like Intellence Bureau and local police before he can be permitted to learn to fly, or to operate or buy a Microlight Aircraft. In general a Class 2 medical, an SPL oral exam, minimum 40 hours of Instructional flying and a check ride are required to qualify for a Microlight Pilots licence, which costs around 8 to 9 Lac.

This facility is available in Bangalore and Mysore. The Microlight Aircrafts In India are priced at 20 Lac for a used one to 50 lac for an new Zenith 701 or 601. Quite a few are available in resale in India. Aspirants can contact us for Microlight and other aircrafts for sale in India. Microlights like Zenair, Flightstar and Quicksilver are manufactured / assembled in India and are sold out as ready to fly.

We, at Jai aviation have a number of Used and new Microlight and General Aviation Aircrafts for sale. We shall happy to impart information and show the aircrafts for those intending to buy.