Flying Training

Hobby Flying is arranged in India as well as abroad with attractive Tourism Sport Package.

Hobby Flying is available on Zenith 701, Quicksilver & Zenith 601.

Go Solo in 10 Days – if you are a good learner.

A Free demonstration Flight for Aspiring Sport Pilots in our Airplane is offered at our private airstrip.

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Sport and Hobby Flying / Sport Pilot licence

Sport and Hobby Flying is arranged in Thailand with attractive Tourism and Aero Sport Package.

You Fly early mornings and late evenings, during day, we take you to sight seeing and shopping.

Hobby Flying on Microlights is available on Zenith 701, Quicksilver MXL 2 & Zenith 601 UL.

This is arranged through our business partners at a private airfield there. We  Make Travel arrangements, manage the hotel bookings, pick and drop from Airport, pick up and drop to Airfield, and if the individual is a quick learner, he can go solo in 10 days. Flight Instructors there are Ex Airforce Pilots who have been the instructors at The Thai Airforce Academy.

This all above is achievable at a price of less than 5 Lac.

As per the Thai Civil Aviation regulations one needs at least 20 hours of instructional flying to be able to apply for Sporting licence for pilots.

Its  about flying the Extreme way.. and a possible gateway for  Breath taking  Aero-sport, the Redbull Air race, Though no Indian has ever been there

This basic Ultralight flying course ends up taking you to pinnacle, where man and machine are one unit, defying the force of gravity stretching one to his maximum limits.

Our Aircrafts and their operations are based in Private Flying Club, in Thailand.

We offer Ultralight flying training, conducted throughout the year in Thailand at a very affordable price as a complete package with everything covered.
The airfield is located just 60 kms out of Bangkok and takes 60 Mins By Car.

Aircrafts available are

  1. Quicksilver MXL-II, an American Design, with Open cockpit, where you can feel the wind directly on your face..
  2. Zenair CH 601 UL, Designed by Chris Heintz, Zenith Aircraft, a flying BMW, the topmost class in Microlight,
  3. Zenair CH 701 STOL, Slow and Steady but rugged and tough, Designed by Zenith Aircraft

Instructors and Ground Staff are all ex Thai Air Force personnel with Amazing personality and vast experience and they are dedicated to their jobs as instructors, Hosts and Ground Staff.

We all have a burning desire to learn to fly and soar in the sky like birds,, Ultralight flying is an upcoming sport and is offered here at a very reasonable price. Imagine, you flying with a near and dear one sitting by your side, with you as the pilot in command,

Ultralight / Microlight Lessons Plan

A student pilot will typically fly a minimum of 18-20 hours of which 5 must be solo. See the table below a breakdown of the average flying time & Exercises


Ground Briefings and Theory Classes (not counted in flying time) 10 Hrs
Taxi Practice on runway, controlling aircraft on groundEffects of Controls – in Straight and level flight , 1 Hr
Turning, Climbing and descending 3 Hrs
Ground Briefings and Theory Classes (not counted in flying time) 10 Hrs
Slow flight & Stall awareness 1 Hr
Take off, circuit pattern and Landing 7-9 Hrs
Advanced and steep turns 1 Hrs
Forced Landings / power off. 1 Hrs
Solo flying 5 Hrs

Pricing Details for Ultralight Lessons

Compete Packages inclusive of :
18 Hrs of Flying and 5 Hrs of Ground Training.
Air Tickets to and fro to Bangkok
Visa Fees.
Transportation from Airport to Airfield and back.
A/C Accommodation, on twin sharing Basis.
Tea and Breakfast.
Transportation from resort to Airfield and back everyday.

Quicksilver MXL2 Package : Rs. 4,25,000/-
(Including 30 mins free flight each in Zenith 601 or zenith 701)

Limited seats available per month due to heavy load of students, Payments to Jai Metals & Plastics Imports by cheque or bank transfer.
For bookings Rs 100,000 advance and remaining before making travel Arrangements.

An Individual can stay in Thailand for a maximum period of 14 days, Bad weather may hamper flying operations and training, if that takes place, remaining training shall be provided free of charge but the candidate shall have to make his own travel and accommodation arrangements in the next trip to Thailand.