A lightsport aircraft (LSA)is a new category of small, lightweight aircraft that are simple to fly and used for sport or hobby flying or personal transportation means. LSA’s are heavier and more sophisticated than Ultralight or microlight aircraft, but LSA restrictions on weight and performance separates the category from established General Aviation aircraft.

FAA Light Sport Aircraft The FAA defines a light sport aircraft as an aircraft, other than a helicopter, that since its original certification, has continued to meet the following:

  • Max. Gross Take- off Weight not to exceed 600 kg or for seaplanes 650 kg
  • Max. Stall Speed: 45 knots (83 kph / 52 mph) Calibrated Air Speed
  • Max. Speed in Level Flight (at sea level) 120 knots (220 kph/140 mph)
  • Calibrated Air Speed
  • Max. number of Seats -2 5 Max. Engines -1
  • Propeller – Fixed-pitch or ground adjustable
  • Cabin -non-pressurised
  • Fixed-pitch, two-blade rotor system, if a gyroplane.
  • Landing Gear: Fixed.

A light sport aircraft can be imported in the country from USA or Canada provided R&D division of the DGCA accept the aircraft standard and issue it a type acceptance certificate. A Sport Pilot licence is essential to operate a LSA and it to qualify for the same needs almost the same standard as a Private Pilots Licence.

LSA category has recently been Inducted in the country and rules and regulations have been defined to enable import and operation. All the Airplanes in the USA, Canada or UK, which are registered as LSA qualify for import provided documents for Type acceptance are submitted to DGCA,



General Aviation – Light Aircraft / Small Aircraft As per the ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organisation, a part of the UNO, A light aircraft is an aircraft that has a Max gross take-off weight of 15,670 kg or less (maximum laden weight). The Light aircraft are permitted to be used commercially for passenger and freight / transportation, sightseeing, photography, and other roles, as well as for personal use.

The light aircrafts in India are registered in two categories, commercial and private use. For the commercial category, a company needs to have a Non Scheduled Operators Permit (NSOP) issued by the DGCA allowing the company to commercially operate the aircraft for reward or hire purpose.

There is no import duty levied on import of aircraft under commercial category. For private import or buying the aircraft locally form India for private use, the import duty is around 30%. If the aircraft was previously imported in commercial category and sold to an individual, the buyer has to pay the applicable duty to the government.

The owner also has to stipulate procedures for security access control and establish parking. To fly a Light Aircraft, one must have at least a Private Pilots License issues by the Administration with that kind of Aircraft endorsed on the license. An open rating category of Light Aircraft is issued when the pilot has 100 hours of flying logged.

List of Light certificate aircraft with price is available on wikipedia. follow the link to see