Buy Gyrocopter – Gyroplane in India

Gyrocopter / Gyroplane is a combination of a fixed wing and a helicopter, it has a rotor and a pusher propeller. The rotor is engaged for take off and then autorotation takes place due to the forward speed of the aircraft, the rotorĀ  acts as a wing and keeps the autogyro airborne.

This comes in 1 to 3 seats version. Gyroplane can be kit / amateur built or LSA or a Certified Aircraft. The cockpit is eitherĀ  open or closed. The seating is either tandem or side by side.

The DGCA has recently type accepted the autogyro and it is now legal to own and operate in India. A holder of Sport Pilot Licence with Gyro endorsement is permitted to fly the aircraft.

The training is similar to that of a PPL standard which requires at least 40 hours of Instructional flying.

The operational requirements are availlable on the DGCA webpage.

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Gyrocopter Take off

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