Frequently Asked Questions

Who can build and fly Microlight Aircraft?
Any Indian national who has procured security clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs is permitted to build and fly amateur / build metal aircraft.
Where can I fly?
You can fly from all airports in India except International airports. You can take your plane anywhere in India after filing a flight plan.
What is the purpose of flying an amateur aircraft?
It can be used as a personal means of transport or flying hobby.
Who will inspect my aircraft?
Air Worthiness Officers affiliated to DGCA will inspect and issue Certificate of Worthiness.
How many seats does an Amateur build aircraft has?
It varies from 1 to 8 seats.
Where is the aircraft registered?
The aircraft is registered at Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Register of Aircrafts.
Should I put my aircraft on rent?
No. Remuneration is strictly prohibited.
Will you also assemble aircraft?
Yes. we will. Only if you ask us 🙂