Helicopter is a rotary wing aircraft capable of vertical take off and landing, these machines come in range of 1 to 20 seats and have various different engine configurations, like single piston engine, turbine engine, radial engines etc.

The engine required if powerful so as to enable a vertical lift off hence weight to power ratio is very high compared to a fixed wing aircraft and hence the high basic price and high operational and maintenance cost.

Type accepted by DGCA in India. There are different types and makes of helicopters operating in India and their approved list is available on DGCA website.

The one which are type / design accepted in India are of the companies below Airbus helicopters, Bell helicopters, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation, Kamov Helicopter, Leonardo S.p.A. Robinson helicopters, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, Robinson Etc In General, the prices varies from 35 lac for a single seat Mosquito Ultralight Helicopter, 4.2 Cr for a Robinson R44, 4 seat helicopter and 100 Cr for 12 Seat Sikorsky S-76D VIP helicopter.

Sikorsky VIP Helicopter


The helicopters can also be built and flown in India using kits imported from USA or Canada, under the Amateur / Experimental Built category in which an individual has to do 51% of the assembly work himself so as to qualify for that registration.

Refer to DGCA car on Amateur / Experimental built Aircraft for complete details. The kits for Amateur / Experimental built Aircraft which have been approved by the FAA (USA) (See list) are considered approved by DGCA, hence any of those can be imported and build in India.

The base price of these machines goes appreciably down as the individual himself builds them and they are registered and operated in Amateur / Experimental category and do not have a regular certificate of Airworthiness. The individual can install any instrument and avionics, like Auto pilot or IFR Instruments to ease up his flying experience.

These machines can be used only for sport or leisure flying or as a personal means of transportation and can be parked and flown from your backyard after prior permission from the Govt Agencies. They cannot be given or leased out for hire and reward. The kit built helicopters are Rotorway helicopters, Safari helicopters, Mosquito helicopters and a few more and have one to four seats configuration.

These kit built helicopters cost somewhere between 30 lac to 1.5 Cr INR. We at Jai Aviation rent our premises for building airplanes and helicopters and also provide building assistance and organise paperwork required for the registration and operation.

This service is for all aspirants intending to build and fly their machines. Who Can Fly a Helicopter There is no Ultralight helicopter license issued, hence to fly any kind of helicopter, at least a helicopter pilots licence is mandatory, the norms for issuing a license are similar to that of a Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplane.

Mosquito Ultralight Helicopter – Single Seat

The syllabus and course content for obtaining a helicopter pilot licence is given in the DGCA website, follow the link to know more.