Private Pilots Licence (PPL)

Private Pilot  License is preferred over Microlight of Ultralight or Sport Pilot Licence because of privileges granted by Aviation Authority

Private pilot Training and licensing is provided by us both in India and abroad.

In India,

This process consists getting police clearance from local police station, getting class II medical by any DGCA approved medical Examiner. Applying for the computer number in DGCA portal, attending ground lectures at the flying school, passing the student pilot licence oral exam, only then one shall be able to get air-bourn with the Instructor in a flight school. When the Chief Flying Instructor feels you are capable of controlling the aircraft in all aspects of flight including emergency procedures, he would release you for a Solo Flight. This is generally achieved by an ordinary individual by the end of 15 to 20 hours of flying. He then needs to complete atleast 50 hours of instructional flying lessons including solo and dual in a specific pattern to qualify for a check ride, which is taken by a DGCA approved examiner. After the check ride is passed one can appear for the written exam for the PPL and subsequently apply for his licence. The privileges received are flying any aircraft which has been endorsed in the pilot logbook, in and out of any airport in India. This licence cannot be used for reward and hire, though he can fly his family and friends throughout India.

This complete process from applying for the police clearance to issuance of Private Pilot Licence (PPL) takes around 9 months to an year. The total cost incurred is somewhere between 9 to 10 Lac INR.

Abroad – USA / Canada

The process of Training and Licensing is somewhat same there also, the only difference is the time taken, which can be anywhere between 4 weeks to  3 months, the entire process is completed. The exams of the FAA are held each month are comparatively easier from India where it is held every 3 months.

The process starts with security clearance. One would need to get approved through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for flight training in the USA. This is an online application process followed by an interview. Then the application for the visa and booking the flight school in the USA or Canada. The course there consists of minimum 50 hrs of training followed by a check ride, a medical examination by FAA approved doctor and then subsequently getting a PPL. The cost of PPL there comes out to 9000 USD for training and lodging / boarding and travel expenses additional. this turns out to be the same as in India, except for time duration.

The pilots who have completed their flying training out of India, need to apply for an Indian PPL for flying in India. This is done through the DGCA, by passing written exams in regulations and a medical by DGCA doctor.

Jai Aviation offers complete support for formalities and documentation work for someone intending to undergo the PPL.