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Exclusive Privilege to own and operate an Aircraft or Helicopter on Part ownership basis. With an All Airport Entry Permit for part owners. Aircraft when required shall be presented at the nearest airport of the stake holder.

Basic Concept:  When people plan to buy an Aircraft, they have 4 basic questions. Where Shall I park the Aircraft, Who shall Fly it and who shall maintain it and What do I get in return from the Aircraft. The answer to all these is Jai Aviation. We with our fractional ownership  concept have made Aircraft available to the common man and have made them earn revenue by leasing them out when not in use.

In less than 1.8 Cr. – Fractional Ownership of a Business Jet

(Travel all across India, all Airports)

In less than 50 Lac – Fractional Ownership of an Airplane / Helicopter.

(Travel a distance of upto 1000 Kms non stop, All Airports)

In less than 20 Lac – Fractional Ownership of a Microlight Aircraft

(Used for hobby flying in a local area)

Aircraft / Helicopter is not a commodity that people use every day, it might be used once or twice in a fortnight, thereby keeping it idle for the rest time.

An aircraft is capable of flying up to 2000 hrs or 10 years whichever is less until the next engine major overhaul, in the case of Piston Engine, and up to 3600 hrs in the case of a turbine / Jet engine. Whether Aircraft is used or not, Engine overhaul and Major Maintenance schedule have to be carried out to keep the aircraft Airworthy.

This ratio gives a flying time of 4 hours per week for piston-engine aircraft and 7 hrs weekly for Jet / Turbine powered Aircraft until the next 10 years. There is no point in keeping the machine idle, hence the best usage is to procure it on a Part-ownership basis, use it to what you require, and allow others also to use it. The initial cost, import duty, parking, maintenance, Pilotage, security and insurance, all these costs are divided into the part ownership fraction. Thereby making the aircraft in an affordable zone.

We have Aircraft in the range of 2 to 8 seat, fixed or rotary wings, single or multi-engine, piston or turboprop, including light Business Jets available on a Fractional Ownership basis, Like Robinson R22, R44, R66, Zenith 701, Zenith 601, Cessna 172, Cessna 206, Maule MT7, Piper Seneca V, Honda Jet, King Air C90, King Air B200, Cessna Citation and Many more.

We provide the maintenance, Pilots, parking space, and operational assistance including the mandatory security clearance of individuals When the owners don’t require the aircraft, we also lease it out to the public for revenue generation so that the maximum financial usage could be extracted out of the aircraft and also meet with the general requirement of the regulatory authority.

As Per the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. It is mandatory for every Indian Citizen who wants to buy or operate an Aircraft / Helicopter commercially or privately, to get his Security Clearance carried out.

We at Jai Aviation complete the application formalities for security clearance, as required by the Central Govt. Once the security clearance is issued, Only then the DGCA will register the Aircraft in the Individual’s name or in the name of his company and the aircraft can be flown legally. In-case of Commercial operation, like chartered flights, an NSOP (Non-Scheduled Operators Permit) issued by the DGCA is also mandatory. The minimum time period for the security clearance process after an application is 3 months.

So don’t just wait, at least find out if you are eligible to own/operate an Aircraft.

Requirements for Security Clearance. (send Self Attested copies of the following to Jai Aviation)

  1. Adhar Card copy.
  2. Pancard Copy.
  3. Passport copy / Travel History.
  4. MOA of the company. (In case of company registration)
  5. Articles of Association. (In case of company registration)
  6. Names and DIN of All Directors. (In case of company registration)
  7. 4 photographs in white background.


In case of setting up a private airport/airfield or a helipad.

  1. Land ownership documents/lease agreement.
  2. Coordinates of the land.
  3. Land Survey report – topography.