Fill this form if  –  Wanting to Apply for Security Clearance / Booking Free Demo Ride.


As Per the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. It is mandatory for every Indian Citizen who wants to buy or operate an Aircraft / Helicopter commercially or privately, to get his Security Clearance done.

We at Jai Aviation complete the application formalities for security clearance, as required by the Central Govt. Once the security clearance is issued, Only then the DGCA will register the Aircraft on the Individual’s name or in the name of his company and the aircraft can be flown legally. In-case of Commercial operation, like chartered flights, an NSOP (Non Scheduled Operators Permit) issued by the DGCA is also mandatory. Minimum time period for security clearance process after application is 3 months.

So don’t just wait, at least find out if you are eligible to own / operate an Aircraft.

Requirements for Security Clearance. (send Self Attested copies of the following to Jai Aviation)

  1. Adhar Card copy.
  2. Pancard Copy.
  3. Passport copy / Travel History.
  4. MOA of the company. (Incase of company registration)
  5. Articles of Association. (Incase of company registration)
  6. Names and DIN of All Directors. (Incase of company registration)
  7. 4 photographs in white background.


In case of setting up of a private airport / airfield or a helipad.

  1. Land ownership documents / lease agreement.
  2. Coordinates of the land.
  3. Land Survey report – topography.